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Bright's Transmission Service

Transmission Repair and Service in Fort Worth, Texas

Since 1953, Bright's Transmission Service has been a leader in Fort Worth, Texas automatic transmission repairs and diagnosing manual transmission problems. We also rebuild faulty transmissions, change transmission fluid, and provide guaranteed clutch replacements from Lake Worth to Weatherford.

As a Father and Son business in Fort Worth for over 60 years, we understand having a full inventory of manual and auto transmission parts is essential to effective repair. From rear differentials to driveshafts, Bright's Transmission Service has the part needed to get you back on the road.

Our inventory includes: Clutch Assemblies, transfer cases, replacement clutches, U-joints, and plenty of service bays for changing your manual transmission’s fluid.

Is your car lacking the power and performance you’re accustomed to? If your rear-wheel drive car’s differential is not transmitting power to your tires, we have resources to diagnose the sputtering transmission’s problem. Our one and two piece driveshaft repairs ensure torque is being delivered from the engine.

Have a 4 wheel drive or all-wheel drive truck? Our Fort Worth transfer case repairs all-wheel drive and 4wheelers to efficiently transmit power between axles.

Replacing a worn clutch assembly is an important repair to keep a Weatherford manual transmission operating at its best. Proper clutch control is vital to proper gear changes and optimizing performance along with gas mileage.

It is however, a complex procedure that benefits from our 6 decades of experience and satisfaction guarantee. To complete your multiple plate or friction clutch’s replacement, we have hydraulic lifts and a full slew of power tools to get the job done right.

With upfront estimates, and a satisfaction guarantee; Bright's Transmission Service offers peace of mind to Fort Worth motorists suffering from sputtering cars.

Bright's Transmission Service takes pride in advising our customers on making the best decision for their car. The decision to rebuild or repair automatic transmissions will depend on a customer’s budget and situation.

Our ASE certified technicians help you consider how much longer you plan on keeping the vehicle, the age of your car, and other practical considerations so you can make the best choice.

Our preventative maintenance is an investment in the longevity of your Lake Worth car. With fast manual transmission fluid changes, as well as new rear differential fluid; you are preserving your car for years to come. Given the high cost of new and used cars, our preventative transmission services are a long term cost savings.

Please contact us at (814) 470-8012 or stop by our convenient Fort Worth location.

Bright's Transmission Service in Fort Worth, Texas is one of the best equipped Automotive Transmission Repair Shops in the country, providing honest, reliable transmission repair and maintenance. Our repair technicians are trained to handle comprehensive transmission issues - call (814) 470-8012

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